Perfect description for the way he carries all of us

My father did not die and the relief is indescribable. For as long as I can remember, whenever my father and I see each other, we always find something to talk about and each conversation takes hours.

When I moved away for work, we both started to look forward to the few days in the year we would spend together. The routine was similar every time — I usually come home for a surprise visit, ambush him wherever he is and then get the tightest hug of my life and a barrage of questions.

The best ones are our early…

How many people saw these films and what were they watching?

Nollywood has an audience and all year long, it moves in circles around that audience. The filmmakers set their targets on dragging that audience with each other, painting the picture that only that number of people visit the cinemas.

This audience is on the average 20, 000 people who watch Nollywood weekly during the stable peak periods. In the really bad periods, the number drops to 4, 000 people weekly. These figures are the analysis of box office data provided by the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN).

At least 70, 000 people visit the cinemas on a stable week…

‘Ghost of ‘The Wedding Party 1’ has continued to haunt Nollywood

“Why fix what is not broken?” This the general attitude Nollywood filmmakers seem to show, especially at this point where they think they have cracked the code to getting massive box office viewership.

For the industry, the comedy button is not broken, so why fix it? The real question is — are audiences not clear enough on the fact that the jinx does not last? Data clearly shows that they are but it seems the filmmakers see only what they want to.

For many, the last decade was great for Nollywood. From the success of movies in the cinema, to…

Okene-Benin Road

“You are coming for Christmas, right?” she said as she helped fold my clothes into the bag. I grunt an answer, trying to avoid her face. It is my go to response whenever someone ask if I will make the journey again. I simply grunt like most buses on the roads. My mother has done nothing wrong, neither has any other member of my family.

My heart ached as I saw my father’s worried expression from the corners of my eyes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend the holidays with their family? “Is the road that bad?” he asked…

Afro-fusion star, Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy

When I first wrote about ‘African Giant’ in January, it was a term that set the internet on ‘fire’ — causing diverse opinions and outburst. From rage to fanatical support, Burna Boy was trending for choosing to describe himself as an ‘African Giant’. His grievance was that the Coachella promotion department used tiny fonts for his name. Didn’t they know that he was Africa’s biggest? He insisted that it was changed else he wouldn’t perform at the festival.

Well, it wasn’t changed and of course, he pulled amazing performances with the right costumes, set, everything. It was brilliant. His costume…

Burna Boy (Instagram)

Cool! I said, as I saw the Coachella poster announcing Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino and Tame Impala as the festival’s 2019 headliners. Skimming through the unique, signature poster, I spot Burna Boy and Mr Eazi. Wait. This must be a good day for Nigerian music.

That was five hours before ‘African Giant’ began to trend on Twitter NG. Turned out Burna Boy was outraged over the font size his name was written in and wanted Coachella to “fix things please”. I doubt anyone missed his reaction but in case you did, he said, “@coachella I really appreciate you. …

Anita Eboigbe

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